Drawing inspiration from archival sneakers from New Balance's past, the all-new 327 embodies a 70's style runner, with a modern twist. A mixture of slim and chunky, the 327 blends modern technology with classic design.

Setting its sole down as possibly the most wearable and a simple iteration thus far, this all new black and grey New Balance 327 is the perfect offering as we enter a season transition. Atop a white midsole with a gum-bottom outsole, this 327 features an all-black upper, composed of a nylon and suede blend. Tasteful contrast is added to the 70's runner via a grey oversized 'N' logo on the sneakers lateral side, and a white tongue, with a popping red tag.

Sizing: Men's Sizing 8 - 12 US

Price: $110 CAD


New Balance MS327STC - 1

New Balance MS327STC - 2

New Balance MS327STC - 3