Joyrich Portrait Hoodie Black
$280.00 CAD

Founded in 2007, L.A-based JOYRICH is a fashion imprint who's Seasonal and Capsule Collections draw inspiration from the 80's and 90's street culture. From unique graphic prints and embroideries, to vibrant colors, JOYRICH creates streetwear that allows for a unique expression of style. From Snoop Dogg, and Billie Eilish, to Playboy and Coca-Cola, Simpsons, Reebok and many more - JOYRICH's portfolio of collaborative projects is seemingly endless.

A standout piece in the Collection, the 'Portrait' Hoodie is seen here in black with a box-sized photographic print on the front complimented by a playful 3D style branding overlayed on top. The color palette mixes tones of blues, pinks and yellows for a sunset style palette. 

Color: Black

Product Code: 11TTXY1208N