The Stüssy Spring ‘20 collection is leisurely and dynamic. Practical West Coast inspired workwear and sportswear silhouettes combined with distinctive patterns, vibrant colors, signature graphics and mind-expanding prints for a trenchant and self-assured offering. Highlighted by photography from Colin Dodgson the tapestry fleece hoodie, Fleur stripe beach pant, and coral pattern button-up shirt all take time-honored shapes and recontextualize them for the modern era. A reliable and functional wardrobe for any situation you might find yourself in.

Release Info: The Men's collection is available Friday, May 15th at Sneakerbox online only.


Person dressed in armor driving a black Mercedes SL parked in a cul-de-sac for Stussy photoshoot

Male model posing in two Stussy spring outfits in yellow and olive

Stüssy Women Spring ‘20 is a subversive expansion on a utilitarian uniform. A cross-pollination of punk, hip-hop, and rave influences blend seamlessly with California cool to create a concise but bold and irreverent collection. Pieces like a long corduroy coat with a contrasting logo print collar, a shiny short-sleeved button down with a matching skirt, and a simple one piece work suit are smart, accessible and unique.

Release Info: The Women's collection is available Friday, May 15th at Sneakerbox online only.


Female model sitting in on backyard stone pavement wearning military pocket hoodie and denim

Female model posing in studio wearing two Stussy spring outfits in black and rust